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Rodney Enterprises Limited (REL) was founded by Ron Jefferson in 1984. A graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College, Ron studied drafting and architecture. He began selling architectural specialty products from a small leased premise in Burnside. Ron began to grow the product lines and became a manufacture's distributor for many different products. Eventually the business grew to where Ron needed to hire an estimator, then a purchaser, then a receptionist. As the business continued to grow, Ron entered into a partnership with Tim Pedersen, a graduate of St Mary's University, in 1990. Together the management team of Ron and Tim began to grow the business by leaps and bounds. Sales and profitability continue to grow.

REL purchased its current millwork division from a client in 1992. This was a natural extension of the current business, as both divisions had the same customer base. The millwork division is a custom manufacturing operation, employing highly skilled tradesmen.

Our current workforce has grown to over forty employees, many of them being with us for ten years or more. Today's marketplace sees REL positioned as a main player. We have established many successful relationships with top construction companies and institutional clients throughout the Atlantic Provinces. We continue to have strong partnerships with our manufactures and suppliers, and with a strong management commitment, the future looks very bright.